The Office Review

July 24, 2015 admin 0 Comments

by Pastor Jeff Quigley

I laid down last night for a wonderful sleep, the linens were tucked nice and tight,

My family was silent, not making a peep, It looked like a wonderful night.

The day had been hard, filled with toil and stress, the phones ringing all the day long.

but as I lay down I forgot all that mess,, and snored as if singing a song.

As sleep came I found my way into a dream, an office with files and chairs.

And over the speaker the Boss called my name, so slowly I walked up the stairs.

Atop the long stairway His office door stood, its color a bright shade of red,

with fingerprints covering all of the wood,, “Please enter” the Boss kindly said.

I opened and looked – I remember this place, for I had been here once before,

Behind a big desk sat the Master who’s face, was fixed in a gaze to the floor.

“Hello Sir, I’m ready to have my review”, I said as I worked up a smile.

 “There’s business I need to take care of with you” He answered, “This may take a while.”

One simple chair sat alone on the floor, I took it and looked straight ahead.

The Boss got up slowly and walked to the door, He shut it and then turned His head.

“Today I have called you to meet with Me here and talk of a problem I’ve got.

See, when you were hired, you wanted Me near, but now it appears I’m forgot.”

“I haven’t forgotten!” I tried not to yell, as He lifted His gaze to my eye.

“It’s just that I have so much product to sell” – He knew I was telling a lie.

“At the first you would talk to me all the day through and invite me wherever you went.

Now you talk to Me only a minute or two, just to ask me for help with the rent.

“You used to include me in all of your plans, you carried my Book everywhere.

But nowadays it barely touches your hands, I’m thinking you no longer care.

“I gave you a song you could sing in the night, the tune was so mellow and sweet.

The song you now play gives your neighbors a fright – they can hear it from way down the street.

“You used to have friends and a family so dear, they loved you with all of their heart.

But now not a one of them wants to come near. Your attitude drove them apart.”

“I’m fine, I can make it!” I tried to insist, knowing I really could not.

The anger within me was making a fist, my pride was making me hot.

And just then it happened, I looked in His eye and all that I saw there was love.

He seemed to look through me and started to cry, then said to His Father above.

“He’s worth it, my Father, this child I’ll keep, I do not regret what I did.

I carried his sins up old Calvary steep, and there on the cross they are hid.”

Hearing His words, I fell down to my knees to beg for forgiveness in shame.

“Saviour, I’m sorry, forgive me Lord please” I cried “I’ve been playing a game.”

His gentle hand touched me and lifted me up, His eyes were like twinkling stars,

He gathered my tears with His hands tightly cupped, and there I saw Calvary’s scars.

“I forgive you,” He whispered with love and such care, my tears just continued to flow.

“I’ll help you with all of the burdens you bear, I’m with you wherever you go.”

Then I learned I was not standing alone, the door had been open a while.

A heavenly host now surrounded the throne, they had come up the stairs single file.

Looking around the bare room as it filled, I think that my heart skipped a beat,

For standing before me my loved ones all milled, awaiting this dreamer to meet.

A brother whom cancer had fought to the tomb, grandparents waiting with smiles,

A daughter I’d never seen out of the womb, the line seemed to go on for miles.

“This heavenly host wants to see you do well, to get your reward at the end

But some of your loved ones you sent into hell…Do you think they would call you a friend?”

My mind drifted back to a handful of guys who not once heard me talk about Christ.

I thought of their fate and I covered my eyes. I’d said nothing when sin had enticed. 

“I’ve got to do better” I promised my Lord “there are others who still haven’t heard”

Opportunity-wasting I cannot afford…I’ll tell them with every word.

With that the room emptied, I’m not certain how, but every person was gone.

Just I and my Boss were alone again now, outside was the first light of dawn.

“This ends now our meeting,” my Boss said “But wait, I want to make sure that you know,

You’ve got a big job and you cannot be late. The very first step is to ‘Go’.”

To the stairway I hurriedly made my descent, an urgency now in my pace.

I had to awaken and quickly repent, the tears were still wet on my face.

The house is still silent, they’re all still in bed, but I’m dressed and waiting for light.

My office review is still fresh in my head and today I will do my job right.

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